Eggs - Free Range


$0.90 AUD EACH

From Nomadic Chooks.

Eggs from chooks that are healthy, active, and free.

These Paddock Eggs are of the highest quality. The access to grass that our Chooks have is unparalleled in other free-range systems.

“I treat my girls with respect. I give them the freedom to run, scratch for grubs, bugs, and worms, and peck their way around a genuinely free-range environment of perennial grasses: natives, ryes, and clovers.” Tom Abbottsmith Youl

Be assured they are fresh, just ask Tom when they were laid. The answer will often be yesterday!

If you want eggs from Chooks that have a natural life, where they are encouraged to express their ‘Chookiness”. You’ve found the right place…

You can taste, see and feel the difference