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Green-washing free zone.

Recycling is failing. Returnr Marketplace provides a real solution to the problem of single-use packaging, with real outcomes. No green-washing. Reusing quite simply stops single-use packaging from being created.

Targeting zero waste

We are committed to achieving 100% zero waste operations within our business and in all interactions with suppliers. Absolute zero will take time to achieve, although in the meantime all of our operations afford outcomes that infinitely reduce single-use packaging waste compared to traditional alternatives.

Products are supplied to us in one of three ways:

A/ Packed by our suppliers directly into reusable containers that we deliver to our customers.

Delivered to us by suppliers in reusable bulk packs that we pack down into smaller reusables for delivery.

C/ Delivered to us by suppliers in single-use bulk packs that we pack down into smaller reusables for delivery.

All suppliers we work with on Returnr Marketplace are committed to reducing single-use packaging waste and improving environmental outcomes for their customers and our society as a whole. All packaging types listed above massively reduce packaging waste compared to selling items directly in single-use packaging, and we are working towards all suppliers delivering to us in either Type A or Type B packaging giving us a 100% single-use packaging free supply chain.

As we get more members our commitment to achieving zero waste becomes easier to achieve with our supply chain. Joining us means you will be supporting the circular economy and becoming part of the solution.

Enhancing environmental impact

Jar returns & supply

Many products on Returnr Marketplace are sold in reusable glass jars.They are supplied to us in the jars we deliver them in. We then wash returned jars, delabel them and return the hygienically cleaned jars back to businesses for refilling. We use standardised jars that are widely used across industry. Jars are not necessarily returned back to the same supplier they originated from, we build up bulk volume of jars and pass on to a smaller number of suppliers in a single transaction rather than a constant flow of jars being returned to all suppliers.

Carbon footprint of return logistics

We collect empty containers from customers when we deliver their next order. This allows us to send out a van or truck full of customer grocery orders that returns full of empty containers for washing, processing and reusing. Our vans and trucks are returning back to base in any case, so the empty containers get a 'free ride' on their return trip.

What's included in a membership?

Returnr Marketplace is a members only service. Your membership fee:

  • Gives you access to convenient zero waste grocery shopping online
  • Helps cover the cost of collecting & washing reusable containers
  • Allows you to borrow up to 30 containers at a time without expensive deposit fees

We deliver to you

We deliver on Mondays & Fridays to 95+ Melbourne postcodes and growing!

Monday delivery

Order by 4pm Sunday

Friday delivery

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No rubbish brands

Do we deliver to your area?

Currently we deliver to a select range of suburbs in Melbourne, Australia.

We take order up until 4pm the day before your chosen delivery day. We deliver 3 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs), each day to selected suburbs. You select your delivery day & date.

Check out our suburb delivery lists below.

We are aiming to grow our delivery range. If we don't deliver to you now, hopefully we will soon.

Mondays & Thursdays

Northern & Eastern suburbs


Southern & Western suburbs

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