San Agustin Filter Roast


$7.20 AUD PER 100GM


 Our relationship with Ricardo Zelaya is one of our longest-running producer relationships; we’ve been offering his coffee since 2009. Ricardo stands for so many things we believe in – he is passionate about great coffee and determined to continuously improve his processes and quality, even after spending over three decades in the industry. He is also passionate about sustainability – his mills are eco-friendly, and the pulp produced is used as organic fertiliser on his farms. Ricardo also cares deeply about the people he works with. He runs practical education programs for staff members and, along with his daughters, he founded a scholarship fund for the children of
his employees.

When Ricardo took over Finca San Agustín in 2005, the coffee plantation was four hectares in size and badly damaged. He set about reviving it and he planted an additional 21 hectares of coffee. These days, the farm is thriving and the coffees produced there are distinctive and balanced, just like
this one.

This coffee tastes like chocolate and peach with a crisp finish.