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Bowl, Tub - 300ml (100mm Ø) - insulated, stainless steel



Bowl, Tub - 300ml (100mm Ø) - insulated, stainless steel

Your products will look better and perform better in Returnr.

The 300ml Returnr bowl might be small but is versatile and functionally mighty. Enhance your customer's experience and avoid oily or soggy deli packaging by providing your menu in impermeable Returnr stainless.

Returnr’s signature twin-walled design thermally insulates preventing condensation.
The 300ml container remains safe & comfortable to handle with hot or cold foods while holding contents at the desired temperature for longer.

Foodservice: Dipping sauces, desserts, entrees, protein balls.
Grocery: Olives, sundried tomatoes, dips, dolmades.

Compatible with

  • Silicone boosters expand product volume, separates contents for freshness. Build a unique offer.
  • Cardboard Lids simplify your reuse system & allow for volume production.
  • Reusable Clear Lids can be incorporated into your reuse system or sold to customers as an accessory.

Branding options are available.
Returnr containers are durable enough to last a lifetime.
Refurbish or refinish to extend the life of any Returnr container before considering recycling.

Made from 75% recycled content - food safe 304 stainless steel.
Patented Design. Design Registered.

  • Sanitize in the dishwasher.
  • Finish like a chef - oven re-heat up to 100°C/210°F.
  • Nests for compact storage.
  • Prechill in the freezer if required.