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Shiraz Sangiovese Rose


$2.67 PER 100ML

This wine is from the Murry Darling region in Victoria

Superbly well balanced, exactly what you want from your Rosé. White flowers, strawberry, and peach, with a creamy mouthfeel and bright acid- like faceplanting into a strawberry bush after a big night at the tennis. Dry and full of surprises.

Australian Winemakers and wine traders have been trying for 10 years to get people drinking decent Rosé. The French have understood the value of it in the sunshine of the South for 50 years.

Our Rosé fits into that slot nicely with bags of flavour and a crisp green apple structure on the palate that is really refreshing. Serve it nice and cold and enjoy with just about anything except perhaps a big piece of red meat.

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