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Nebbiolo-Shiraz Rose 2022


$2.93 PER 100ML

Murray Darling, NSW

Made by Tony Allen.

This Rosé is superbly well balanced. On the nose, it presents delicate white flower aromas, along with vibrant notes of fresh strawberry and juicy peach. It has a lovely creamy mouthfeel along with bright acidity which provide a delightful contrast, akin to diving headfirst into a strawberry bush after a night of tennis. Its sophistication and complexity demonstrate the increasing success of Australian winemakers in producing high-quality dry Rosés that can rival those of the French.

Best served chilled, this Rosé is an excellent complement to a wide variety of dishes, except perhaps for big pieces of red meat. It's a wine that can be enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif, or paired with salads, seafood, or grilled vegetables.

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