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Soda Stream Refill


$12.50 EACH

Out of gas?

Need more bubbles??

Billy Bubbles cylinders make 68 litres of bubbly water*, that’s 8 whole litres more than other branded cylinders! All for nearly half the price! Incredi-bubble!

Compatible with most soda machines like SodaKING and Sodastream.

You know that little plastic cap, well in true Returnr style, that is not rubbish! It can be reused 1000's times. When returning the canister, pop it back on the top for collection and reuse. 

Here’s the fine print...

* This calculation is based on the same equation used by other brands to determine how many litres their cylinders make. Because BB cylinders are sold with 450 grams of food grade cO2 in them, compared to the 400 grams that is sold by other brands, it’s reasonable to equate that Billy Bubbles cylinders make 12.5% more bubbly water. Which is 67.5 litres!! Billy rounded it up because it looked better. You might get more bubbly water, you might get less, just depends on your machine and how much you press the bubble button.

Go on. Push the button.