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Vegetable Box


$49.95 AUD EACH

Fresh Seasonal Certified Organic Vegetables from our friends at Organic Ease.

Add in note at the checkout if you want more or less of anything, and we'll do our best to look after your request.

Small = 1 to 2 people

Medium = 2 to 3 people

Large = 3 to 4 people

Approximate box contents for week beginning Tuesday 27th June:

Sebago Potato | Pumpkin | Beetroot | Sweet Potato | Carrots | Brown Onion | Red Onion | Red Cabbage | Cucumber | Eggplant | Celery | Zucchini | Corn | Avocado | Green Beans | Silverbeet

Country of Origin: Australia


We want to let you know that the cut-off time for bread tomorrow has passed & is unavailable for delivery tomorrow